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Party Cakes

Carrot Cake - Heavy Carrot flavored layer cake, filled and frosted with cream cheese icing and decorated nuts and candy shaped like carrots.

Neopolitan Cake - A layer each of Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla chiffon, filled with chocolate ganache and strawberry butter cream, iced with vanilla butter cream.

Triple Delight - A layer of Vanilla, Mocha, and Chocolate sponge cake filled with chocolate ganache and vanilla butter cream, iced with mocha butter cream.

Crema de Fruta - Layers of vanilla sponge cake, Bavarian cream, and mixed fruits; topped with fruits and set in a transparent gelatin.

Vanilla Cake - Vanilla chiffon cake filled and iced with vanilla butter cream icing.

Mocha Cake - Mocha chiffon cake filled and iced with mocha butter cream icing.

Chocolate Cake - Chocolate chiffon cake filled with chocolate ganache and iced with chocolate butter cream icing.





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