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Goldilocks Native Cakes

Biko - Glutinous rice pudding cooked in coconut milk and brown sugar, garnished with Latik; also comes in the Ube flavored variety.Goldilocks Native Cakes

Cassava - Native cake made from the Yucca plant (Kamoteng-Kahoy) and coconut milk, topped with macapuno (coconut strings) and cheese.

Cutchinta - Steamed chewy light brown to deep orange rice cakes.   

Leche Flan - Crème Caramel but with a Spanish influence. It is heavier and creamier than the commercially available variety.

Puto - Steamed rice muffins; comes in regular (plain white), Ube or Pandan flavored.

Espasol - Sweet rice cooked with Macapuno (young coconut), Pinipig (rice crispy), and Condol (wintermellon).

Suman sa Lihiya - Sweet rice mixed with coconut milk, and sugar, wrapped in banana leaves flavored with lye, served with a sweet brown sauce made from coconut milk and panocha.

Suman Inantala - Simple suman that is sweetened with sugar before it is wrapped in banana leaves.

Tikoy - Steamed round slab of glutinous flour, water and sugar; comes in plain and flavored with either Langka (jackfruit) or Ube (purple yam).

Assorted Maja Blanca  - Coconut pudding flavored with corn, young coconut, purple yam and pandan leaves.

Pitsi Pitsi - Steamed yucca patties and sprinkled with grated coconut, pounded rice or cheese.

Buko Pandan Salad - Young coconut with pandan (leaves are green and have strong fragrance), coconut gel and sugar palm.

Bibingka - Rice cake topped with salted egg, cream cheese and sugar.

Cathedral Window Gelatin - Creamy gelatin filled with chunks of multi-flavored pieces of jello.

Bibingkang Malagkit - Glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk and sugar, topped with sweet brown sauce made from coconut milk and panocha.

Sapin Sapin - Layered cake flavors of ube, macapuno, cutchinta and jackfruit.

Leche Flan - Creme caramel with Spanish influence.

Turon - Deep-fried banana fritter coated with caramel.

Carioca - Sticky rice with caramel coating.

Palitaw – Flat shaped rice cake rolled in coconut served with toasted seed and sugar

Puto Bungbong – Purple yam rice cake rolled in coconut shaving and served with sugar



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